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Matki Bhaat (Moth Bean Rice)

         I love sprouts and I try to include them in our diet as far as possible. Sprouting increases the Vitamin content (especially Vitamin C) of  food. My grandmother says, sprouting not only increases the food value but also helps ease digestion.

Given an option ,I would sprout most of the pulses and grains we use!I even make a cereal for my son from Ragi, Wheat and Moong sprouts. He loves the taste and I am happy that he gets all his proteins and Vitamins!


Matki also called as Moth bean or Turkish Gram is popularly used in Indian cooking to make curries, salads, rice etc.It is quite easy to sprout matki .Clean and Wash the beans and soak Matki in water overnight (6-8 hours). Remove the water from the soaked Matki and tie it in a damp cotton cloth (I use a bag made from muslin cloth) till the seeds germinate (2-3 days depending on the weather). If the weather is too cold try and keep the tied Matki in a warm place. Now-a-days Sprouters or Sproutmakers are also available to make sprouts. I prefer the traditional way.

These crunchy Matki sprouts taste good even raw. Add a dash of lime juice, pepper and little salt -A perfect healthy snack!

Coming to Matki Bhaat. It is a very simple recipe where Rice combines with Matki sprout to enhance its flavour and nutritive value.


                    That’s Matki Rice Aeroplane for my son!

For Matki Bhaat you need: (Serves 4)

1 cup Rice

1 cup Matki sprouts

1 medium sized onion chopped

1 green chili slit length wise

5-6 peppercorns

4-5 cloves

1 tsp cumene seeds

Salt as per taste

1tsp oil

1tsp butter

Wash and drain the rice and keep aside. In a pan heat 1 tsp oil and 1 tsp butter. Add the Cumene seeds, peppercorns and cloves. Add the slit green chili and then add the chopped onion. Fry for a few minutes till the onion becomes translucent .Add the Matki sprout and fry for 2 minutes. Then add the rice, stir nicely and remove from heat. In a rice cooker add two cups of water and salt. Add the rice- matki mixture to it once the water starts boiling. Cover and cook till the indicator turns to warm. You can cook Matki Rice in a pressure cooker also. Take care that you don’t overcook it. The grains should separate and not stick to each other.

Serve hot with curds or Raita.

Delicious and healthy Matki Bhaat – I perefer it without any accompaniments , only topped with a spoonful of ghee!



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