Green Tomato Chutney

September 7, 2006 at 2:15 pm 11 comments


    Green unripe firm tomatoes

For a working mother like me, Chutneys, Aachars, Raitas are like little ‘Culinary Elves’…..I won’t call them accompaniments. Many times they are my Main dish. In the mad rush, every morning to get to work on time, getting my son ready and many other chores, Chutneys and Raitas are very very handy…some quick chutney or a Raita along with some Rotis or Plain Rice that’s lunch for me many times.

Chutneys, Raitas, Achaars, and Papads have a special place in Indian Cuisine. Along with taste they also add color to your plate.

Here’s a quick and easy recipe for Khatti-Meethi Green Tomato Chutney.

 For the Green Tomato Chutney you will need:

4 Green unripe firm tomatoes.

1 tbsp roasted groundnuts powdered

4-5 green chillies chopped (depending on how spicy you want it)

1tsp cumene seeds

1tsp sugar

Salt as per taste

1tsp oil.



That’s all! J 



Green Tomato chutney tastes great with anything…Rotis, Parathas,Rice ,Idli, Dosa..


 tip.jpg Powder some roasted peanuts and store. Use this powder for curries, raitas etc……saves time.

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  • 1. Inderjit  |  September 7, 2006 at 3:39 pm

    Nice a very very creative way to describe the recipe. Great .Keep it up Madhuli.

    @Thanks Inderjit

  • 2. Inder  |  September 7, 2006 at 10:00 am

    Nice a very very creative way to describe the recipe. Great .Keep it up Madhuli.
    @Thanks Inderjit

  • 3. shilpa  |  September 7, 2006 at 7:54 pm

    Oh wow..thats a nice way to write the recipe. I have never tried anything with unripe tomatoes. Let me try this recipe.Thanks for sharing….

    BTW..can you help me in collecting lunchbox recipes please.

    @Thanka shilpa.Let me know how you liked it.I will send some recipes for lunchbox.

  • 4. Sakshi  |  September 8, 2006 at 6:33 pm

    What a nice creative way to do this.
    I am going to make this over the weekend.

  • 5. shilpa  |  October 17, 2006 at 12:36 am

    I tried this today for my husband’s lunchbox (with chapathis). I did not grind them into paste (cut them into thin slits and cooked). He liked it very much. Thanks a lot for the recipe

    @I am so glad he liked it.Next time I shall try without grinding.Thanks

  • 6. Ritha  |  November 25, 2007 at 10:43 am

    hi, nice blog, i make this chutney very frequently since my hubby has to have some kind of chutney every day. By the way, i use roasted sesame seed powder instead of peanut powder, try it and see the difference in taste. enjoy blogging

  • 7. Rajini  |  October 16, 2008 at 7:32 am

    Can I use green “tomatillas” instead of green tomatoes?

  • 8. R.Kaushalya  |  November 5, 2008 at 12:58 pm

    you can also substitute tomatoes with Bangalore baigan( chow chow).can include fried tur dal (with one drop oil) instead of groundnut.

  • 9. aarti  |  December 12, 2008 at 9:33 am

    Thanx for this simple recipe ..its nice and easy to make..

  • 10.  |  April 28, 2009 at 7:25 pm

    i recently came accross your blog and like your blog. i have also started a foodblog recently.keep up your good work and i wish u a very success.



  • 11. shaikhmohammed  |  May 24, 2009 at 6:18 pm

    i must appreciate the way u expalin such simple yet exotic recipe. thanks.


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