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Besan Ladoo

Slim is not in on the fashion arena! Thank God for that. With Ghee and Butter as the theme for JFI, I can try all the recipes at the round up without a worry for those extra pounds!
In India Milk, Ghee (homemade), Butter (homemade) are considered as signs of prosperity. Households that use plenty of these ingredients are supposed to be well-off!
In fact as children my mom would make us eat ghee with Rotis and rice everyday! Whenever she would make ghee, I would take it in a small bowl and dip the Roti in the ghee and have it! Now I can’t imagine myself doing this!!
But I still love the golden brown milk proteins that settle down when Ghee is made.We call it Beri which is somewhat sour to taste. Add some sugar to it and eat it just like that.. Sweet and sour.
(Refer Indira’s procedure here for making Ghee.She has a great Knack for describing procedures for her recipes) 
After I remove the Ghee…I boil water in the pan in which the ghee is made…so that all the grease is easily removed. I use this water to make Roti or Paratha dough!The Rotis are very soft and delicious.
Back to the recipe. The festive season has already begun and  I thought of making good old Besan Ladoo for JFI-Ghee


To make around 8-10 medium sized Ladoos you need: 2 Cups Gram Flour
1 Cup Ghee
1 ½ Cups powdered sugar
½ cup milk
8-10 golden raisins
½ tsp Cardamom powder(optional.I don’t like the taste/flavour of Cardamoms so I don’t include them in anything..but most of the people like to use it in Indian sweets.)

In a hot pan heat Ghee. Add the Gram flour and roast, stirring constantly, till its color turns brownish. Don’t worry you will know by the wonderful aroma that will fill your kitchen,even your neighbours can make out! Add the milk and keep stirring till all the liquid dries out. Remove from flame,let it cool a bit then add sugar and mix it nicely.I use a food processor for mixing the Ladoo mixture nicely. Add the cardamom.Make small medium sized round balls from the mixture. Place 1 raisin at the centre of each ball as shown in the picture. Alternatively you can add raisins to the mixture before making the round balls.

Store Besan Ladoos in airtight container


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