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RedChilli-Garlic Chutney(Lashnichi Chutney)

Fiery Wood

                Fire(y) Wood  for Click -Wood at Jugalbandi

A handful of roasted peanuts (with or without skin), some red hot dry chillies, some garlic pods and salt; pound them together, not in the mixer but in a mortar and pestel; that’s it-the hot fiery chutney is ready.

Serve with Bhakri, Chapati or sprinkle on Khakras. Add a little peanut oil to the Chutney if you like before serving.


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Gulab Jamun

I always thought making Gulab Jamuns at home will be a difficult task. Some time back I decided to give it a try since my son relishes them. Most of the recipes I browsed required Maida (all purpose flour). A friend suggested, I use Arrowroot instead of Maida. My Mom too used Arrowroot to make Gulab Jamuns when we were kids. So I decided to use arrowroot to make my first ever Gulab Jamuns (made at home).The result was fantastic; and it was a pleasure to watch my son feasting on them.




Gulab Jamun recipe

Makes~ 25-30 Gulab Jamuns




For the Gulab Jamuns

500 gms Khoya/Khawa/Mawa

75-80 gms Arrowroot powder

1 pinch baking soda


For the Gulab Jamuns

3 cups sugar

3 cups water

Few strands of Kesar/Saffron

2-3 drops of Rose essence


Other Ingredients

Ghee (preferably Cow Ghee) for frying



*     Make the sugar syrup by boiling the Sugar and Water till the sugar dissolves (~7-10 minutes).

*     Add saffron and rose syrup, mix nicely and keep aside. 

*     Mix Khoya ,Arrowroot powder and baking soda to form a dough. Knead this dough slowly, taking care it does not stick to your hands (if it does, add a little Arrowroot powder and knead)

*     Once the dough is soft and uniform, make small smooth balls from it.

*     Heat the Ghee in a kadai/wok

*     ‘Test’ the Ghee temperature by dropping in a pinch sized ball of the dough

*     Fry the Gulab Jamuns evenly on low heat till golden brown. The ghee temperature is the key to good, well fried gulab jamuns. So you need to keep on regulating the heat.

*     Add the warm gulab jamuns to the warm sugar syrup. Soak them at least 30-40 minutes before serving. (Actaully they tasted better the next day)

*     Serve them warm or at room temperature

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My Foodcourt – Second Innings

For a long time now My Foodcourt has been absolutely lifeless. I can’t get into the details of why it has been so passive for such a loonnnnnnng time, since the reasons are too personal. My apologies   for not responding to all those, who have been dropping comments and enquiring about me. But I assure you that it was absolutely impossible for me to respond.

I hope I am able to make up for it in this ‘Second Innings’, as I call it! I am attempting to breathe My Foodcourt back to Life. I have missed all of you and the wonderful foodblogs so much.

 Welcome back to My Foodcourt!


            Home made Gulab Jamuns to kickstart the ‘Second Innings’


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