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Strawberry Chocolate dessert cake

We hosted a ‘potluck get together’ this weekend at our place. The unanimous decision for the menu was Chaat! Yes, assorted spicy and tangy Chaats to beat the heat! We had Pani puri (Chaat party isn’t complete without this), Bhel puri, Sev Puri, Kachori Chaat, Fruit Chaat.It was fun preparing, serving and eating the Chaats while chatting and gossiping 🙂 ; made everyone forget about the heat!

Desserts were Kulfi and a home made Strawberry and Chocolate layered dessert cake.I made the Strawberry Chocolate layered cake since it was one of our friend’s son’s birthday.

Chocolate and Strawberry, I found this wonderful combination of flavours in a dessert cake at Deeba’s blog. She has a lovely collection of Strawberry desserts among many other delectable desserts.

The only changes I made are that I added some pink colour to the strawberry sponge and used alternate Strawberry and Chocolate sponge layers. Also, Instead of a Chocolate ganache I frosted the cake with fresh cream and decorated with fresh strawberries (the last of this season) and Chocolate cigars.

Here’s the recipe as adapted from Deeba’s CHOCOLATE STRAWBERRY CAKE


1 Strawberry sponge cake

1 Chocolate sponge cake

 For the filling:

~ 300 ml whipping cream (the one that I get here is already sweetened; but if it is not you will have to add powdered sugar)

15- 20 strawberries sliced

1 tsp Strawberry essence

~1/4 to 1/2 cup syrup from canned cherries for moistening the cake (optional)

 For the topping and sides:

~ 100 to 150 ml whipping cream

8-9 cherries halved along with the leaves

Chocolate shavings (grated dark chocolate)

Chocolate cigars (each cut into 4)


Whip the cream and essence using a hand blender till firm peaks are formed (for me this took around 15 minutes)

Cut the Strawberry and Chocolate sponges horizontally into two even halves.

Scrape the sides and Brush off any crumbs from the surface.

Keep one half of the strawberry sponge on the cake stand/serving plate.

Spread 2-3 tsps of the syrup evenly on the cake.

Spread 1/3rd of the whipped cream evenly using a cake spatula.

Place 1/3 rd of the sliced strawberries on the cream.

Repeat this for the next two layers of Chocolate and Strawberry with the final chocolate layer at top.

Spread the cream evenly on the top and sides.

I used a pastry comb to give a ripple effect on the side.

Decorate using strawberries, Chocolate cigars and Chocolate shavings.

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Lemon Rice

Nothing is as refreshing as lemon in this scorching heat , even if the lemon is in the rice! Lemon rice is just the right recipe for these hot summer days. The tangy lime juice peps up the humble rice. This is my mother-in –laws recipe (like all other south Indian recipes on this blog) and I love the way vegetables are added to the Lemon rice making it a wholesome meal by it. Here I have added green beans but I sometimes add capsicum too. 

Lemon Rice recipe:

2 cups cooked rice, (add salt while cooking the rice)

Juice of 2 lemons (or as tart as you like)

1 cup chopped green beans

4-5 green chilles chopped

2-3 tsp Chana dal

7-8 curry leaves

2tsp mustard seeds

1 tsp turmeric powder

3-4 tsp oil oil

Salt to taste


Heat oil in a pan/wok.

Add the mustard seeds

Once they splutter add the chillies-curry leaves-turmeric powder- Chana dal.

Add salt (remember the rice also has salt!)

Add the green beans, mix well, cover and cook for a few minutes.

Add this beans mixture to the cooked rice. Mix nicely till the mixture coats the rice.

Add the lime juice, adjust the salt if required.

Serve immediately.

Lemon rice can be accompanied by some salad or rasam.

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Summer salad

Summer is here and as I have mentioned earlier several times this is not one of my favourite months. The soaring temperatures and longer days are not for me; but I look forward to the grapes and mangoes that this season offers!

Summer is also the season to enjoy some delicious fruity salads!

This salad was accidentally discovered when I wanted to put together some leftover fruits.

The Green color of the apples (Granny Smith Apples) is very soothing in this heat. All similar coloured fruits and veggies are thrown together in this Salad with a dash of Mint, salt and pepper and some lime if you don’t mind the extra tartness.

Summer Salad recipe


2 Green apples washed and grated (I did not peel them)

1cucumber peeled and grated

½ Raw mango peeled and grated (adjust the amount depending on the tartness)

8-10 mint leaves

Black salt to taste

Black Peppercorns crushed

Lime juice (optional)


Mix the grated Apples, Cucumber and raw Mango.

Tear and mix the mint leaves.

Sprinkle the black  salt. (I added salt to as soon as the apples were grated)

Add pepper.

Add a dash of lime juice. (Depending on the tartness of the mango)

Mix once again and serve.

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