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Wish you all a very Happy Makar Sankrant/Pongal

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‘Tarridar’ brunch at Culture Kitchen’s ‘SoMarathi’-‬ Maharashtrian Brunch Sunday

I have always missed good quality ‘food Events’ in Nashik. Either I get to know about them after they are long over or then they are not worth the effort. I have had my share of disappointment in the past, with the typical food festivals happening in various hotels.

A few days back, Culture Kitchen -the restaurant with the most gorgeous Ambience in Nasik, announced ‘Somarathi’ its Maharashtrian Sunday Brunch event.

culture kitchen 024

I have to confess, I was very skeptical of the authenticity of the Misal that would be served at this ‘fine dining’ restaurant.Also our current favourite ‘Chulivarchi  (Chulha) Misal’ at Sadhana Restaurant has set the bar high!

The need to getaway and to enjoy some precious time with A, against the backdrop of the gorgeous view lured us to Culture kitchen this Sunday. Both kids promised to behave themselves after being assured of unlimited TV time and good food :).


The spectacular landscape coupled with the cool breeze always makes the long drive worth the effort. A lazy start to the Sunday brunch, the place seemed to be quiet when we reached. A few minutes after admiring the view, we immediately got down to business-target was the Misal counter. The dry sprout base was served separately with 2 types of Rassa (gravy) Khandeshi and Nashik special. A chose the spicier Khandeshi Rassa and I chose the Nashik Rassa. All the assorted Misal toppings-farsans, onion, coriander,lime,papads etc. were spread out elaborately. I chose the diet chivda and whole wheat pav -just for a feel good factor. The breads I am told are baked in-house and were fantastic.


The Rassa and Tarri (which I did not have) kept making an appearance at the table as and when we demanded. The accompaniments included Poha and mini batat vadas along with green chutney, which were ok. I was too focused on the Misal to care much about them though. The scrumptious, spicy  Misal made us forget that we are in a Fine dining restaurant and we gorged on it.

culture kitchen 006

The Masala Chaas was the star amongst the sides, it always is for us. A helped himself to bowls of Shrikhand and he loved it. There was a live egg Bhurji counter and I helped myself to some along with a cup of strong hot coffee. Stuffed to the Gills, all I wanted was a cozy nap after this hearty brunch.A quick stop at Sula, to buy more bottles of their Grapeseed oil and we were back home for that nap.

culture kitchen 070

At Rs.249/person, I think this is reasonably priced, considering we could eat just a light salad even for dinner! Also no after effects were observed the next day 🙂 As Rocky & Mayur would say-its value for money.

Capturing the beautiful landscape through my lens was an added bonus for me

culture kitchen 036

The #SoMarathi, Sunday Brunch will be on for next 7-8 Sundays, with a rotating menu, specially the sides.

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Hadga/Agasti Flower Bhajias

A very Happy New Year to all of you.

New Year

I am back after a looooooong silence on MyFoodcourt. As you can guess the resolution for 2015 is to blog as much I can!

I have been thinking of posting recipes for a long time. The ‘comeback recipe’ for the blog has spanned from Christmas cake to Yule log to Pavlova to a humble porridge-but only in my mind!

A trip to the older part of the city a couple of days back lead me to a treasured discovery- the edible Hadga flowers. I had a faint memory of my childhood ,of my Mom using these flowers for cooking. The lady selling these flowers was kind enough to inform me that I need to remove the bitter tasting stamens from the flowers before cooking them.

hatga 005

A chat with Mom about these flowers and she was nostalgic about how these flowers reminded her of her childhood. (Now you know where my love for these offbeat, treasured foods comes from). Mom said she makes a ‘Pith Perun’ bhaji (stir fry with Besan/chana dal flour).Our house help informed me that you can make sinful Bhajias with these flowers. The dipping mercury made the Bhajias more tempting than the stir fry …and so Bhajias were made. The stir fry has to wait its turn, but I had to blog about these treasured flowers rightaway!

hadga bhaji 053FB comments on the photo of the flowers and Google research have enlightened me that they are also known as Agasti,Bokful in other Indian languages and also that they are eaten as a vegetable in Southeast Asian countries.

hadga bhaji 001

I have used carbonated water just to make the Bhajias crispier- just plain water will be fine too.We enjoyed the crispy Hadga Bhajias sans accompaniment.

Here’s my recipe for

Hadga Flowers Bhajia


8-10 Hadga flowers (the younger flowers are better for Bhajias, but I had to make do with whatever I had)

½ cup Besan/Chana dal Flour

½ cup Rice flour

½ tsp Asafoetida(hing)

½ tsp turmeric powder

½ tsp Red chilli powder

½ tsp Ajawain/carom seeds (optional)

Carbonated (or plain) water to make a the batter

Salt to taste

Oil for deep frying


Heat the oil in a wok.

Remove the stamens from the flowers and keep aside.

Mix the flours, spices, Ajwain and salt in a bowl.

Add 2 tsp of the hot oil to this dry mix.

Add the carbonated water to the dry mix to make the batter (not too thick, not too thin) ~  1/4  cup

Coat each Hadga flower with the batter and deep fry on medium heat till crisp and lightly browned.

Serve immediately.

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