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Methi Mutter Malai (Fenugreek- Green Peas curry)

Last weekend, we had some guests from Bangalore. We took them to a nearby winery- Sula wines, acres of vineyards on the backdrop of beautiful green hills! Serene Atmosphere! The best part about this winery is you can walk in whenever you want without prior permission. We were also taken on a tour of the manufacturing facility. I am not a ‘Wine person’ but I am an analytical Chemist by profession, so the tour was quite informative- the process of wine making, analysis of wines etc..

You can also indulge in ‘Wine tasting’ at the bar for which I wasn’t allowed since I had taken my little one along (he wasn’t allowed in the tasting area) He had no regrets. He was happy running around in the garden and the vineyards!

Our guests had dinner with us, so it had to be elaborate- Methi Mutter Malai , Alu Vadi (recipe coming up), Green Tomato chutney, Bell Pepper Salad along with some Rasam , Rotis and Lemon Rice.Methi Mutter Malai , Alu Vadi, Green Tomato chutney and Bell pepper salad were a hit.They even took down the recipes and have promised me that they will surely give it a shot!You do the same.

For Methi Mutter Malai you need:

½ bunch Methi leaves chopped

1 cup Fresh Mutter (Green peas) boiled

½ cup cashewnuts

3-4 green chillies

½ tsp Garam masala

2 garlic pods (optional)

¼ tsp white / black pepper powder

¼ tsp Cinnamon powder 

2tsp butter

½ tsp cumene seeds

½ tsp sugar

2 tbsp Malai (fresh cream)

Salt as per taste


Boil 1 cup water and add ¼ tsp salt. Add the chopped Methi leaves.Boil for 10 minutes and strain the leaves. This reduces the bitter taste of Methi, which doesn’t go well with this particular recipe. You can use the left over water for making Rasam/Dal or even for making chapatti doughGrind together Cashewnuts, Green chillies and garlic (optional).Add little water if required.In a pan (Kadai) take 2 tsp butter. Add the cumene seeds. Then add the cashewnut-chilly mixture.Add about 1 ½ cups water and boil it nicely stirring in between.Add the masalas -Garam masala, Cinnamon powder .Add the Methi leaves , mix nicely and then add the Mutter (Peas). Cook for a few minutes.Add salt, sugar and pepper powder. Adjust the consistency to your liking. Cook for a few more minutes. Switch off the gas and then add the Malai.Serve hot with Rotis.


Methi Mutter Malai has a little sweetish taste- like most Malai recipes. Though I prefer spicy food, this is good for a change!

 I have to warn you this is one dish loaded with lotso’ calories. But Imind that on a chill winter night!

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