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Lebanese Smoked Vegetable Sandwich

Past week we have been gorging on Mediterranean food. Made whole wheat Pita bread using Sanjeevkapoor’s recipe. They turned out quite good with ~ 80% puffing rate! Stuffed it with Falafel from the recipe here and topped it with Nupur’s Tahini sauce.

This was just a prelude to the party that we had to host. For the party I made some Pita bread stuffed with smoked vegetables (Lebanese smoked vegetable sandwich) and topped with a yoghurt-mustard dip both recipes from Nita Mehta’s mini cookbook ‘Low cal snacks’. This was a huge hit with the guests. I smoked the veggies on a charcoal fired grill.

The other items on the menu were Green Chana kebabs adapted from Ranjit Rai’s Tandoor-The great Indian Barbecue served with a spicy mint chutney, grilled white onions, skewered cheese and fruits (without grilling) glazed with ginger-brown sugar syrup and some delectable eggless dark Chocolate- Orange Mousse from Aparna’s recipe.

Thank you all the lovely recipe owners for making my party a hit! 🙂

Here’s the recipe for the Lebanese Smoked vegetable sandwiches adapted from Nita Mehta’s book:

Smoked veggies of your choice chopped (I used Red, Yellow bell pepper, mushrooms) ;all smoked directly on a charcoal fired grill.

Tomatoes smoked, skin removed and chopped (remove the seeds and the pulp)

Paneer (Indian cottage cheese) smoked/grilled and cubed (use the soft variety, I used Amul paneer)

Fresh oregano chopped

Fresh parsley chopped

Freshly ground black pepper

Chilli flakes (the original recipe did not suggest this but I added it to make the sandwiches spicier)

Salt to taste

Pita bread cut into quarter

Toss the smoked chopped vegetables and paneer cubes together. Add the chopped parsley, oregano, black pepper, chilli flakes and salt. Mix well.

Cut the Pita bread into quarters and stuff the smoked veggie mix. Top it with the youghurt mustard dip and serve immediately.

For the Yoghurt mustard dip:


Mustard paste


Black pepper

I also added 1-2 tsps of some leftover Tahini paste

Whisk  all the ingredients together and serve with the smoked veggie-pita sandwiches.

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Monsoon Magic- Butterfly Sandwich

The only butterfly in this sandwich is the shape J

A hot grilled sandwich is an all time favourite in our house. I usually dress up some left over stir fries with white sauce- stuff it in between two slices of bread and grill it till crisp and you get Irresistible, yummy crisp sandwiches.

The stir fries which get this L look in the morning (usually for lunch) suddenly get this J look with the grilled sandwich.

Enjoy this hot grilled Butterfly sandwich with a cup of tea in the wet cozy rainy weather!



Butterfly Sandwich recipe

For 4 sandwiches


 8 Slices of sandwich bread

2-3 tsp Butter for the sandwich 

For the White Sauce:

2 tsp butter

1 tbsp all purpose flour (Maida)

2 cups milk

1 tsp freshly ground mustard powder

½ tsp white pepper powder

1 -2 tbsp Grated cheese (optional)

Salt to taste 

For the filling:

White sauce

1 ½ cups chopped sautéed mix vegetables (I have used Sweet corn, Purple cabbage, French beans, tomatoes) 

Mix the maida with the milk and remove lumps if any.

Heat butter in a pan.

Add the milk-maida to it. Let it boil for a few minutes and it starts thickening.

Add the other ingredients-mustard powder, pepper powder, cheese and salt. Mustard powder adds a nice zing to the sauce.

Cook for a few more minutes. (Adjust the proportion of maida depending on the consistency of the sauce required. I made this semiliquid-not too thick nor too thin.)

You can also first cook the Maida directly in the butter without blending it with the milk and then add the milk. I usually end up with lumps in my sauce that way so I prefer the first blending and then cooking method!

Add cooked/ sautéed vegetables to the white sauce. (Add some green chillies to the veggies while cooking to make it spicer.) Mix nicely till the white sauce coats the veggies.

Cool and divide into four portions

Spread some butter on one side on each bread slice.

Spread one portion of the filling on one slice of bread and top with another slice

Brush a little butter on the outer surface of the sandwich and Grill in a sandwich toaster till golden brown.

Repeat with remaining bread slices.

Cut as shown in the photo to make a butterfly sandwich J

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