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Friday Monsoon Magic -Dabeli

Incessant rains and frequent powercuts have kept me off blogging for the past week. Getting to work and back seemed like a big ordeal when rain Gods decided to visit us for 3-4 days continuously. The only positive aspect was the lovely rainy weather (which makes you creep under a blanket with a book in hand, music and some thing to nibble) encouraged me to try some spicy hot recipes.


Today, for my Friday -Monsoon Magic series I have a recipe for Kutchi Dabeli or Double Roti. As the name suggests this recipe finds its origin in the Kutch region of Gujrat. But this has become a very popular street food here. You will find ‘Dabeli centres’ (carts) selling them on almost every street corner. The key flavor for Dabeli comes from its Masala-Dabeli Masala. I used the Masala, which one of my Kutchi friend has gifted me and which I use so carefully as if it were made of gold- its that precious.:) Dabeli Masala is readily available in most of the stores.

__________________________________________________________                                                            Dabeli recipe

For 4 Dabelis


4 Pavs or bread Buns

2 tsp Butter (optional) 

For the filling:

2 large Potatoes, boiled & mashed

1 tbsp Dabeli Masala

½ cup Tamarind Chutney

½ tsp Sugar

Salt to taste

2-3 tsp oil 

For Garnishing:

½ cup Masala peanuts (Roasted peanuts sautéed with red chilli powder and salt)

½ cup pomegranate seeds

4-5 tsps red chili garlic chutney

2 medium sized onions, finely chopped

1 cup Nylon sev

Fresh Coriander leaves 

For the filling:

Heat oil in a pan. Add the mashed potatoes, about ½ cup water and salt.

Mix nicely and then add the Dabeli Masala. Mix nicely and let it boil.

Add the sugar and ½ of the tamarind chutney. Cook till the consistency of the mixture is thick or till the moisture is absorbed.

Remove this in a flat plate and spread it evenly.

Spread the Masala peanuts, Pomegranate seeds (you can also add half cut grapes or tuti fruity in addition to the pomegranate seeds), chopped onion, Sev and fresh coriander leaves layer by layer on the potato mixture.   

For the Pav / Bun

Cut the Pav horizontally without cutting through. Apply butter on both sides (optional) and lightly toast on a skillet/tava, pressing with a flat spoon. 

Assembling the Dabeli

Spread Red chilli garlic chutney between the two halves of the Pav. Then spread the Tamarind chutney. Evenly spread the Potato mixture. Garnish with some more Sev and Masala peanuts. 

Toast on the skillet for 1-2 minutes. Serve Hot.


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